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How a Kitchen Designer Can Keep Your Project On Schedule and On Budget

Your Kitchen is the room that is most likely used more than any other room in your home. For that reason most people want the kitchen to really express their own sense of  style and design. How ever doing so is quite an art and it maybe wise to invest in the use of a talented Kitchen Designer to help you pull off the exact feel and design you are looking for.

Naturally you will be wondering if it is worth the investment because that is exactly what it is. It is not just an off the hip impulse buy so you want to be sure your doing everything right and with reputable kitchen design company.

Find the right Materials

When it comes to your new kitchen part of the design decisions that have to be made is your choice of materials for your cabinets, walls and flooring. A kitchen designer will be in great position to advice on this and to source the materials for you without delay. Wolds manufacture their own on site in their factory so you have control over the supply chain to avoid any delay or problem sourcing material. It also means it is unlikely that you will see your kitchen design and materials in friends home as our products we produce are not mainstream and exclusive.

“Finding a kitchen design company who has their own factory and manufacture process in huge and removes any potential issues down the line”, Jonathan Wolds says.

It is not just about having the access to the on site factory but having the designers knowledge to understand a clients needs and to match that up with the right material to build an overall kitchen proposed design.

They work with other professionals on your behalf

You are potentially going to have builders, architects, joiners and interior builders all working on your project. And it is important all including your designer work off the same page towards an goal as a team.

Making sure everyone has the same vision and understands the task at hand is crucial. A good designer will handle all of this co ordination and is another benefit to hiring one.

Experience matters

The wealth of experience you gain working with the right professionals is going to save you wasting money on materials you don’t really need or potentially over paying for.

Kitchen Designers ensure your appliances are energy efficient

A designer is not the only cost you need to consider with your new room. You have to look at the cost of running new appliances you may not have had previously. The new appliances may be more efficient than the legacy ones you currently have so it is worth discussing this with your kitchen remodeller who will be on hand to advise.

Are you considering a new kitchen for your home? If so feel free to contact us today for a no obligation consultation from our showroom in Nottingham. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our kitchen showroom.

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